Instagram Selfies Still the Most Popular Online Photos

There are vast numbers of hashtags devoted to every aspect of fashion, hair, and makeup. Some of the most followed Instagram accounts are of supermodels such as Cara Delevingne. Contact us here.

When it comes to Instagram however the selfie rules. Here are our top tips to take the perfect selfie

How to take the perfect selfie

  • Test your angles – send the time taking pictures of every angle of your face to see which is the most flattering.

  • Use the filters – to lift your selfie from average to attention stealing, use a filter to accentuate the contrast of your photo.

  • Lighting is key – natural light is always best and avoid extremes – if it’s too dark or too bright.
  • Taking the perfect selfie

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Fashion as a concept differs somewhat drastically from one culture to the next, not to mention from one person to the next.

The idea of fashion is not only changed as a result of an individual’s demographic origins as well as their ethnic origins, but also by their social and financial standing.

This is only practical, as it is not logical for a low income individual to require high cost fashion items.

But regardless, fashion transcends such boundaries. Anyone can look good, with a little effort.

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